55% of email is SPAM.

76% of businesses fall victim to phishing attacks.


Email is one of the most common vectors hackers use to attack organizations and individuals. Email-based attacks include viruses, ransomware, credential theft, and financial theft. How secure are your organization’s emails? Find the latest tools and technologies to defend your organizational emails from attackers.

Top Email Security Tools

Organizations use a variety of tools and technologies to protect against email-borne attacks.

Because email-based attacks typically target human weaknesses (i.e. they’re social engineering attacks) a combination of technology and education is required.

Spam Filters

Arguably the single most important email security tool. A good spam filter will stop 99%+ of attacks.


Helps block spoofed emails, reducing certain types of spam emails.


Another method for blocking spoofed emails and reducing spam.


A mechanism for tracking spammers who may be spoofing your domains.

Email Signing

Email Signing Certificates help users avoid fake emails and protect sensetive data.


Training your staff on how to recognize and avoid phishing emails is an important part of any email security plan.

Password Security

Implement a password security policy to ensure every account password is resistant to brute force attacks.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adding an additional layer of authentication makes it nearly impossible for user accounts to be hacked.